Texas Border Coalition Urges President Biden and Governor Abbott to Collaborate on Border Solutions

EL PASO, Texas – The Texas Border Coalition (TBC), representing over 2.8 million residents along the Texas-Mexico border, from Brownsville to El Paso, today called on President Joe Biden and Governor Greg Abbott to work together and find collaborative solutions to address the challenges faced by border communities.

Comprised of mayors, city council members, county judges, county executives, businesses, corporations, and community leaders, TBC has been advocating for smart and effective border management policies for more than 15 years. The coalition believes that modernizing the U.S. immigration system and implementing strategies to combat human and contraband smuggling at border ports are crucial elements in achieving effective border management.

“We believe that cooperation between federal and state authorities is essential in achieving smart and effective border management,” said El Paso County Commissioner and TBC Chairman David Stout.

TBC has a history of supporting local, state, and federal law enforcement officials in their efforts to work together, while recognizing that the federal government has purview over border management. The coalition shares concerns expressed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials that razor wire in the Rio Grande installed by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) impedes immigration enforcement and CBP’s ability to interdict individuals crossing between ports of entry.

“While our border communities are among the safest in the country, these conflicts between authorities only serve to disrupt progress,” Stout said.

The coalition urges both President Biden and Governor Abbott to coordinate their efforts and implement humane and intelligent immigration and border management solutions, requesting the governor to withdraw the buoys and razor wire in the river and the Department of Justice to withdraw the lawsuit. By working together, with the federal government taking the lead, both federal and state governments can better address the needs of the people living in the border region and create a safer, more prosperous environment for everyone involved.

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